Commitment to Change Series Volume I Overcoming Errors in Thinking  in Category:  "Earnie Larsen" , "Presenters"

Commitment to Change Series Volume I Overcoming Errors in Thinking

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Interacting with convicted felons in a state correctional facility, Dr. Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D, skillfully allows these men and women to take center stage and become the heart of this dynamic program. Thinking errors are revealed in vivid and dramatic encounters between inmates. Students and staff in many settings will discover direct, personal applications; it is far easier to recognize and debate the errors of people on the screen prior to considering your own. Step by step, the program leads students to practical, concrete ways to become aware of their own thinking and its consequences and day by day, work toward the goal of responsible lives. Volume I is comprised of these three parts (click for a detailed description of each):

Part 1 : What are Errors in Thinking?
Part 2 : Two Crucial Errors
Part 3 : Overcoming Errors in Thinking

Volume I package includes: Three full-length videos or DVD's, a comprehensive Leader's Guide, Reproducible Workbook, and Overhead Transparencies.

This bundle contains the following products:

Commitment to Change Part 2Commitment to Change Part 2
Commitment to Change Part 3Commitment to Change Part 3
Commitment to Change Part ICommitment to Change Part I

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