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Better Way Series

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A Better Way is a video presentation hosted by the powerful Danny Trejo designed for first-time offenders, participants in institutional substance abuse programs, and anyone who wishes to live free.

Its purpose, with vital assistance of an instructor or counselor, is threefold. This trio of life-changing behaviors all involve the word acceptance:
Acceptance of the reality of why I am here
Acceptance of the need to change my thinking and behavior while in prison
Acceptance of the fact I have to 'do it differently' when I get out

Part 1: Responsibility: Guides inmates to understand they are responsible for where they are.
Part 2: Decisions: Suggests things that can be done while incarcerated.
Part 3: Changes: What to look out for upon release. Includes a study guide.

This bundle contains the following products:

A Better Way Part 1A Better Way Part 1
A Better Way Part 2A Better Way Part 2
A Better Way Part 3A Better Way Part 3

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