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Making Sense of Addiction

Run Time: 36 minutes
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What happens to you psychologically when you begin to use drugs, and how does that play into the progression of addiction? How does addiction relate to the biology of your brain? The psychological and biochemical elements of your brain combine together to make addiction the trap that it is. So, how can we free ourselves from it? First, we have got to understand the progression of addiction, and then we can learn how to tame the 'beasts' that bind us within our own minds. Viewers will identify with key points in the presentation --how they thought and felt in different stages of their drug abuse--as they come to understand the psychological and biochemical factors at play in each step. It is difficult to understand why an addict whose life is falling apart continues to use; this talk makes it perfectly clear. Dr. Keppler offers proactive ways to help heal an addicted brain, stressing abstinence and healthy life choices. A bonus question and answer session follows.
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