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Meth: Recovery is Possible

Run Time: 48 minutes
Size: 425.2 MB
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In this film, Earnie Larsen, famed author and lecturer, brings together an assorted group of recovering meth addicts of all ages and backgrounds. In a group format, they discuss the issues surrounding meth recovery. The group members in this program, some with meth histories spanning more than two decades, are a testament to the fact that it is possible to get off meth, and stay off - no matter how long you've been using.

Main topics of discussion include Hitting Rock Bottom/Turning Points, Withdrawal from Meth, and What it Takes to Stay Clean from Day to Day.

The program also includes three "Medical Minutes" in which group members and viewers get a chance to learn about the medical aspects of meth; how meth works our body and impacts the way we think, feel, and behave. Finally, a visual representation exercise with all group members shows the strength of recovery and a support system, in the face of cravings and distorted thoughts.
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