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Meth, Inside Out Series

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Meth, Inside Out: Human Impact examines meth's impact on individuals, families, and communities across the globe. This expisode explores motivations for and consequence of use, revealing why meth disproportionately impact women. Concludes with realistic solutions.

Meth, Inside Out: Brain & Behavior is a video-based treatment curriculum that provides viewers with an understanding of how methamphetamine changes the brain and, consequently, behavior. Viewers learn how to better cope with the stages of meth addiction and recovery by gaining an understanding of the biological underpinnings of the high, tolerance, craving, paranoia, aggression, anhedonia, and healing.

Meth, Inside Out: Windows to Recovery explores effective treatment practices across program types and setings. This episode empowers the viewer by providing information and concrete tools for recovery, including creating structure, avoiding high-risk situations, and coping with craving.

Presented by UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, a leading research institute on the topic of methamphetamine, Meth, Inside Out, provides a solid understanding of the biological basis of addiction, effective tools for recovery, and, most importantly, hope for the future. Created for maximum flexibility, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of treatment centers, correctional facilities, community centers, social service agengies, and universities. Handbooks allow counselors to maximize the educational potential.

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Meth, Inside Out: Brain & BehaviorMeth, Inside Out: Brain & Behavior single price: US$ 149.00
Meth, Inside Out: Human ImpactMeth, Inside Out: Human Impact single price: US$ 149.00
Meth, Inside Out: Windows to RecoveryMeth, Inside Out: Windows to Recovery single price: US$ 149.00

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