Recovery: A Family Affair  in Category:  "Presenters"

Recovery: A Family Affair

Run Time: 30 minutes
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Treatment for addiction is readily available for addicts and alcoholics, from the homeless to the wealthy, for the incarcerated and the free. However, family participation is a minimal and understated part of the addict's treatment. The family member or significant other may not have used mind-altering chemicals, but the effects of a loved one's drug addiction has left many wounds that require attention.

Rosetta Oliver focuses on family issues related to addiction, recovery and returning to the community after treatment. Discussed: behaviors and expectations of the abuser and family prior to and after release from treatment / incarceration. Addressed: clarifying the terms relapse and recovery; identifying stressors that frustrate families when an active addict settles down to abstinence; building support systems and positive relationships.

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